Road Trip 2001

Norwich NY

My first night on the road I stayed at the home of friends Norm and Jessica, in beautiful Norwich NY.

Day 2 - Norwich NY

I worked for Norm many years ago, before he became a college professor.

Norm and Jess

When Norm and Jessica moved from Boston to Norwich they purchased and restored this beautiful victorian.

Day 2 - Corning NY

On my second day I drove southwest from Norwich, though Binghamton NY and on to Corning were I stopped for a tour, a late lunch, and a visit to their great gift shop.

Corning Museum

The Corning Museum of Glass had just recently been totally remodelled.

CMG Exterior

CMG Inside

This is an exhibit on glass mirrors used in telescopes. I took a picture of myself in this huge concave mirror.

Glass Blowing

I saw a demonstration of the art of glass blowing. At the end of the demonstration they raffled off the beautiful vase they had created to a member of the audience.

Glass sculpture

This is an incredible glass sculpture in the museum lobby.

CMG Inside Out

This is a view from the museum lobby through the glass curtain walls to the outside. I love this kind of architecture.

Day 4 - Henry Ford Museum

On my third day I arrived in Ann Arbor Michigan to spend a couple of days. I lived in Ann Arbor from 1975 to 1980 and it was great to be back. On the second day there I took a trip to the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn with my friend Erin.

1967 Pontiac GTO

C&O Allegheny steam engine

Handsome Cab


Origin of the Trunk

Now we know why its called a Trunk.

The Model-T Ford

Erin and a Snow Plow

A mighty big engine

An old west engine


An early camping trailer

An early VW camper bus

Charles Kerault "On The Road"

Me and a friend

I liked the colors

A big caddy

Lammy's Diner

Bucky's Aluminum House

Ann Arbor Brewing Company

This place has GREAT beer!